Gender Balance and Women’s Representation Links – for my wife on her birthday in support of her activism toward a better, gender balanced world

Why 50/50 Is So Important

Interparliamentary Union’s Women in Governments Statistics

Boycott the Election to Save The Earth

Statement of My Beliefs:  As a man who grew up in a family that was primarily egalitarian in nature I was taught that both men and women bring strengths to any relationship, and that a balanced man and a balanced woman would have skills and beliefs that compliment each other and that tend to overlap.

It is my belief that the best chance of the best government is when the composition of the government reflects the composition of the people it serves.

Since half the population of the USA is female, it follows that the government that governs best would be the government that shares the experience of the female, and who best to understand that experience firsthand but women!   This philosophy has been written about ever since the Chinese developed the philosophy of Yin/Yang, and there are so many sites on the web that contain so much useful information that it would be futile to try to list them here.  I have included a few search links below that let you see at a glance the myriad of materials available on the web.  Please feel free to explore your own variations.

(it is also my wish that the government also represent the socioeconomic experience of the public, and money -must- be removed from politics.  Money is most definitely not speech.  We need a congress that has very few millionaires and is made of mostly of people who know what the minimum wage is firsthand and where the bread aisle is in the local grocery store.)

Google “Women’s Representation”

Google “Gender Balance Government”

Google “Women World Leaders”

Google “Origin of Yin/Yang”